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          The enterprise culture

          • Vision

            Smart new energy service leadership

          • Mission

            Wisdom new energy, green new life

          • Service

            Power and new energy service experts

          LITIAN core values

          Focus on the customer as the center.

          Serving the customers is the reason for the existence of LITIAN. Customer's demands are the source of development of LITIAN. We always put customer as the center and continue to provide value-added services for our customers by enhancing our core competitiveness.

          LITIAN mission

          • Customer Focus

            Serving our customers is the reason for the existence of LITIAN. Customer demand is the source of development of LITIAN.

          • Struggle-based

            The company's development can not be separated from the hard work of every employee. The struggle is reflected in any micro-activities that create value for the customer, as well as for self-improvement.

          • Open and Enterprising

            As the market competition gets increasingly fierce, we must maintain crisis awareness any time anywhere.

          • Teamwork

            Employees must have the initiative to take responsibilities and be willing to cooperate with others to solve problems. Departmentalism is the last thing we want.

          • Result-oriented

            Under the company's strategic orientation, we dare to formulate demanding goals and strive to reach them.

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