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          The social responsibility

          Environmental protection and energy conservation

          We actively respond to the country's call for energy-saving and emission reduction, pursue the harmony of enterprise and environment, and integrate the responsibility of green electricity into operation. Independently we research and develop energy network system and continuously upgrade it, helping customers transform from “extensive use” to “electricity saving” and “use scientifically”.

          Stable Employment

          We actively and fully have our employees covered by unemployment insurance. With no layoffs during the reporting period, we keep make positive contributions to local employment stability.

          Honest Business

          Adhering to the concept of “building credit upon morality, and operating the company upon credit”, we have won trust and support of customers, good reputation, and the honorary title of “Contract Creditworthy Enterprise” granted by the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce for many years in a row.

          Safety Production

          We operate with strict employment system and management, timely organize safety education, and keep strengthen labor protection. Persisting in unrelaxed attitude and measures toward safety, we take precautions before problem occurs. Since our establishment we have seen zero security incidents.

          Safety Power Supply

          In response to government calls, we put safe and high-quality power supply as an important political task. Our power supply during major conferences was stable and reliable with zero abnormality. As the task of guaranteeing power supply was successfully completed, we fulfil the responsibility to the society with actual actions.

          Social public welfare

          Push your dreams, you and I hold hands.
          • Donated to the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan right after the disaster.
          • Actively participated in poverty alleviation activities.
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