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          Service highlights

          LITIAN independently develops a smart platform for operation, maintenance and management which applies computer network technology and modern communication technology to the operation and maintenance of the distribution room. Through analysis based on big data, it improves maintenance reliability and efficiency. It not only liberates operation and maintenance personnel from cumbersome work, but also greatly improves the efficiency.

          Information can be sent to LITIAN monitor room through communication equipment, the monitor room carries out distant and centralized monitoring on all the switching rooms in the service net. This guarantees the switching rooms are in safe condition even under unmmaned monitoring. Combined with big data analysis, the company provides solutions that enhance energy efficiency management to clients and offline servide to them with the company’s superior resource that covers Guangdong.

          LITIAN smart operation and maintenance is an example of applying modern service concept in the power distribution operation and maintenance business, fundemantally changing the traditional mode for managing power supply and consumption, which is a great leap forward in constructing power consumption informatization.


          Service mode

          Deep integration of online and offline business

          Strong offline business support is an advantage of LITIAN

          Online business

          We provide 7*24 of equipment monitoring and real-time warning service. Through equipment account management, power data collection, storage and analysis, fault record, power quality management and other services, we offer customers with safe and economical electricity environment.

          Offline business

          Offline business support capability is an advantage of LITIAN. It has unparalleled innate advantages over pure online service providers.

          • · 7*24 monitoring center
          • · Preventive testing of high and low voltage electrical equipment
          • · 24-hour repair service
          • · Low-voltage line overhaul
          • · Troubleshoot service
          • · Regular inspections
          • · Third party power supply
          • · One-stop hosting

          Service area

          Comprehensive operation and maintenance

          LITIAN will integrates power supply with public facilities operation and maintenance fields that are related to people's life safety and living convenience, such as fire protection, elevators, water supply, gas supply, drainage, etc. Facing a large number of manufacturing companies and engineering operation and maintenance companies, LITIAN will also deepen the construction and operation of the monitoring big data platform, gradually build a networked, locally-based professional operation, maintenance, and emergency response service team to contribute to a safe and stable community.

          • Preventive tests

            LITIAN timely discovers and copes with power equipment failures, increases the reliability for safe operation of electrical equipment, extends service life, and ensures normal production.

          • Safe and energy-saving renovation

            Through three-phase imbalance, harmonics, load rate, maximum demand, power factors, etc., LITIAN looks for potential safety hazards and weak points in the power system, and proposes safety and energy-saving renovation proposals.

          • Big Data Analytics

            Based on platform data analysis, we provide suggestions for customers in terms of value-added applications, such as transformation, energy conservation, equipment procurement, and supply chain.

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