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          Company profile

          Guangdong LITIAN Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2003, enjoys a good reputation in the industry. With the promotion of the new round of power system reform, LITIAN actively responds to the call of the national policies to transform from a traditional power engineering company to a new one, an integrated energy service provider, forming a closed-loop of electricity consulting, power design, power project implementation, smart operation and maintenance, energy services, power generation transformation and upgrading, photovoltaic power, energy storage, and energy management. It is dedicated to providing integrated solutions for smart power and smart energy to large-scale factories, industrial parks, commercial projects, public facilities, data centers, and real estate. Its services lead domestic peers, so does its comprehensive competitiveness.

          LITIAN Technology implements the development concept that provides safe, rational and economical electricity to the customers, helping the customers to save the energy. Thus we reduce electricy expense, enhance profit and production capability. As a technological enterprise winning numberous awards such as “the giant enterprise of technological innovation”, “new high-tech enterprise” and so forth, the company especially focuses on the development and innovation of core technologies and introduces a R&D team composed of experts on high-grade, high-precision technology. At present, the company possesses advanced electric energy management technology and technology for analyzing, optimizing and assessing electric energy. Our research projects involve many areas including electricity monitoring, energy saving and emission cut, monitoring on the quality of electric energy, suppression for power harmonies and so forth. We also possess over 10 patents for utility models and software copyrights in power supply enterprise informatization and power demand side management. In recent years, the smart operation and maintenance management platform comes into service. This deepens the combination of online and offline services, ushering in the cloud era of the smart operation and maintenance of electricy equipments. This brings a brand new experience of smart operation and maintenance service to customers, effectively helping the customers to lower electricity cost and guarantee electricity safety to win the high praise and comments from the government and customers. The company wins many honors such as “excellent enterprise for one-stop service” “expert who makes good on the promise and saves money” and so forth awarded by Guangzhou Suning Commerce Group and Guangzhou Xinhe Storage Co., Ltd.

          LITIAN never stops its quest for excellency. The people of LITIAN well translate “the customer-oriented and fighters first”spirit. LITIAN company boasts a team of talents who are devoted, passionate, highly cohesive and highly performing. They are skillful and highly experienced in field management after many years of work in technological development and project management. The company’s incentive mechanism is scientific and efficient to keep a stable team of staff who have great learning and innovation abilities. This fully embodies the advantage of the team and talents of LITIAN company. “Let the customers enjoy a nanny-style electricy service forever” is the tenet of LITIAN staff. Since its establishment over 10 years gao, LITIAN enjoys over a thousand cooperative clients, most of who cooperate with the company throughout the year, making the company prestigious in the industry. The company establishes trust by virtue and operates honestly, it has won the honoraty title as “the enterprise who comply with the contract and are trustworthy” awarded by the Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou for many consecutive years.

          Useful exploration and practice promote the company to develop rapidly. Taking the advantage of the electricity policy reform, LITIAN Technology has fully stored the energy of science and technology, and it will set sail and soar into the sky!


          History of development


          The company was listed in the new 3 boards and won the honory tilte as “the excellent private enterprise in Guangzhou”. It passed the management system certification of intellectual property and won the 3-level qualification for the information system intergration and service, the qualification for design, construct and repair the safety technology and protection system and the 3-level qualification for engineering design.


          The company completed stock reform and was renamed “Guangdong LITIAN Technological Incoprated Corporation”. It won 2 patents for utility models and 4 software copyrights and officially became one of the third batch of companies selling electricity in Guangdong Province. It won the honory titles as “the giant enterprise for technological innovatgion” and “the new high-tech enterprise”.


          The company transformed successfully and was renamed “Guangzhou LITIAN Electromechanical Technolocial Co. Ltd”. It won 2 patents for utility models and 10 computer software copyrights.


          the company moved from Zhicheng Avenue in Guagnzhou economic and technological development zone to No.8 Lanyue Raod in Guangzhou high-tech technological development zone


          it got the 3-level qualification for installation and 4-level qualification for repair and test approved and issued by the supervision bureau of Southern China under the National Electricity Supervision Committee. It expanded the smart operation and maintenance business and launched the R&D center.


          the company won the honoray title as“the enterpirse that complies with the contract and are trustworthy”awarded by the Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou. It has won the title for 6 consecutive years.


          the company took part to guarantee the power supply for the Asian Games and Asian Paralympics in Guangzhou and won the honorary title as“excellent unit to ensure the Asian Games of one heart and one mind” awarded by the organizing committee of Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Paralympics.


          the company got 3-level qualification for contracting power transmission and distribution project and the 3-level qualification for contracting mechanical and electrical equipment project approved and issued by Guangzhou Construction Committee in 2008. Pass the ISO9001ISO4001 and ISO18001 management system certification


          the company got the 5-level qualification for installation (repair, test) approved and issued by the supervision bureau of South China under the National Electricity Supervision Commission


          Guangzhou LITIAN Mechatronic Engineering Compnay was established.


          Over the past decade or more since the establishment, the number of LITIAN's customers exceeded 1,000, and most of the customers have cooperated for years, bringing a wide reputation in the industry. Building credit upon morality, and operating the company upon credit, LITIAN has won many honorary titles for years.

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