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          Integrated energy management

          Solar photovoltaic

          Make full use of natural solar energy resources, make your life easier and cozier.

          We provide one-stop solar photovoltaic power services including generation, exploration, custom design, construction, installation, grid connection, and after-sales. Furthermore, excess energy even produces additional benefits for you.

          • Solar photovoltaic generation

          • Exploration

          • Customized design

          • Construction

          • Installation

          • Grid Connection

          • After-sales

          Smart energy storage system

          Smart energy storage system is a system that can complete storage and power supply, with smooth transition, peak and valley load adjustment, frequency modulation and other functions. It brings smooth output of solar and wind power, and reduces the impact of randomness, intermittence and volatility on the power grid and users. Through charging during the valley period and discharging during peak period, it reduces user's electricity expenditure; with islanding operation capability, it ensures uninterrupted power supply.


          LITIAN is committed to providing microgrid solutions

          LITIAN integrates energy management system and energy subsystems such as energy, cooling, heating, electricity and gas systems in the site, and connects the energy subsystems with the network through information, communication and database technologies. By doing this, energy equipment, metering instruments, sensors, and execution equipment (energy efficiency control equipment) of different technology platforms and different data structures are integrated into the integrated energy management system through the network to achieve centralized management of equipment and data.

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