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          President Speech

          Today, as the energy landscape is undergoing profound adjustments, a new round of energy revolution has begun. Under the impetus of new energy technologies, information technologies, and global low-carbon & emission reduction pressure, energy applications in the future must be green, efficient, and smart.
          Over the past 10 years since its establishment, LITIAN has been innovating in the field of green power and has never stopped pursuing excellence. Closely following the pulse of power development and pursuing comprehensive and deep innovation, LITIAN is transforming from traditional power engineering enterprise to new integrated energy service company, comprehensively integrating, sharing, developing and utilizing energy information resources, achieving specialization, informatization, and intellectualization, and providing customers with power construction services and energy value-added services that cover entire industry chains.
          Harnessing science and technology, LITIAN is creating a new era with its own green power. In the future, LITIAN will continue to lead the development of smart energy.

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